The Elm City Echo recognizes the vital importance of expressive and economic opportunities for marginalized members in any community. Our mission joins together student volunteers with men and women experiencing extreme poverty and homelessness to publish and sell a street periodical. Since 2011, the Elm City Echo has recorded and published the writing, poetry, and artwork of those living in hardship– giving words and expression to those often unheard.

Each story begins with volunteers visiting one of our three partner homeless shelters (Columbus House, Martha’s Place, and Fellowship Place). There, our student volunteers work to support participating authors and artists, who write and produce all of the periodical’s content. Using a micro-enterprise model, the Elm City Echo is then sold by economically disadvantaged vendors who can develop and execute their own business model.

75% of every sale goes directly to the enterprising vendor, while the remaining 25% goes toward the periodical’s production, including support for the contributing authors and artists.

Through its efforts, the Elm City Echo fosters a community of creativity, enables an entrepreneurial spirit, and endeavors to bridge socio-economic gaps through mutual understanding and meaningful conversation. The Echo firmly believes in finding the commonalities in the human experience and sharing them with others.