We operate on a micro-­enterprise model—so why should you donate?

While 25% of our costs for publication are covered by selling the periodicals to our vendors, we still rely on donations to fund the rest of our publication costs. Currently, the Yale Hunger Homelessness Project helps cover these costs. However, they cap how many periodicals we can print each publication cycle, which is around 1,000. Our vendors usually sell out of these copies in a few months and often have to wait several months before the next publication is printed. Your contribution will allow us to increase our publishing efforts and so ensure that our vendors can use the Elm City Echo as a stable source of income throughout the year.

We pay our writers!

At Elm City Echo, we think it’s important to pay authors for their work. In doing so, we show our authors the respect they deserve for their valuable time and ideas. Thus, authors receive $10 for each piece they write for the periodical.

We are currently working on a system for receiving donations online, but for now please send us an email at elmcityecho@gmail.com if you would like to contribute! Any amount is greatly appreciated.