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What is Elm City Echo?

About Us

The Elm City Echo aims to create economic and expressive opportunities for marginalized members of the New Haven community who are experiencing extreme poverty and homelessness.  

All of our content is produced by marginalized members of the New Haven community who sell each issue on a micro-enterprise model. When you buy the Elm City Echo, 75% of your dollar goes directly to the vendor who sold you the paper. We follow a micro-enterprise model, so that each vendor holds a contract with us but determines their own business practices. The remaining 25% is reinvested in the production of the Echo, whose operating expenses receive additional support through the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action Project and the Yale Undergraduate Organizations Committee.

Since 2011, The Elm City Echo has provided a voice for New Haven residents experiencing poverty and homelessness. Volunteers work with authors to publish stories, opinion pieces, and artwork in a street periodical. Through this collaboration, Elm City Echo helps bridge socio-economic boundaries to initiate otherwise silenced conversations. In turn, the authors become entrepreneurs by selling the Elm City Echo to the community—and the contents of their publication also furthers our mission to raise awareness about the issues this underserved community faces.


A Street Periodical

By the Numbers

Street newspapers aim to help alleviate poverty by providing individual-driven economic opportunities. Through its publication, Elm City Echo provides homeless or impoverished community members with a form of legitimate employment. We sell each copy to our vendors for $0.25, and they pocket the net $0.75 on every sale they make.
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